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Portable office cabin

Portable Office Containers

Aman Portacabins manufactures the best office containers in India. Our Office containers are designed to endure even the harshest of weather conditions without compromising on your comfort. They are an affordable office option for any startup looking to set up an office without shelling out a fortune on it. The office  can also be customized to match your needs and have all the furniture a modern office requires. They can also be ordered with weather-proof interiors which can keep you and your colleagues comfortable in extreme heat and cold. Available in variety of patterns, sizes and other specifications, the offered range of office containers is most commonly demanded in various commercial sectors

Portable office containers offer a wide range of flexibility and load-bearing capacity. Aman PortaCabins is the largest manufacturer of customized portable office cabins, which can be easily lifted and shifted at any place through open trailers.  

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Portable office Container

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Different Types of Office Containers

We offer a wide range of office containers – ranging from portable modular offices to office containers made with galvanized steel. They are manufactured with supreme raw materials which ensures their durability in all weather conditions. Moreover, almost all of our catalogue includes prefab offices which have low prices when compared with traditional concrete buildings.

Old Cargo office Portable Container 20ft
These old cargo office portable containers of 20 Ft can be used in construction sites, mining sites, etc. A portable cabin can be modified into a portable office with well-equipped comfortable interiors.
Features include
  • Portable
  • Interior amenities
  • Comfortable
  • Quick to set up.
  • Easy to install
Old Cargo Portable Office Container 40ft
Aman Portacabin in the manufacture Old Cargo Portable office containers as per the client’s demand of Delhi and other cities of India. These portable office containers are build using supreme quality material and technology. These containers are easily fit into the household goods of two to three-bedroom apartments with a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen.
Portable office Cabin of 40ft
This portable office cabin of 40 ft is widely used in large offices as this Porta Cabin is the most preferred choice of many offices and industries. Acclaimed for its structural strength, electrical wiring, and alluring interior, this portable office cabin is fabricated by using modern machinery. With features of various sizes and dimensions, portable office cabins are used at construction sites. 
Portable Office Cabin with conference room 6 40ft
Aman PortaCabin is involved in providing an office cabin with a conference room of 6 40 ft. our office cabins are highly appreciated by their patrons for their fine finish and rugged construction. Moreover, these office cabins are highly demanded in the market and are available at a very affordable price.
Features include
  • Lightweight
  • Portability
  • Strong Construction
  • Impact Resistance

Features of Aman Portable Office Containers are:

Precise Construction: The offices are manufactured using galvanised steel which ensures the best durability in the market. These offices cannot be tampered with by rust or humidity and are bound to maintain their structural integrity for years to come.

Seamless Design: We understand that an office is a personal building and should match the branding of your company. Our office containers are completely customizable to meet your needs.

Office Containers

Reasonable Price: Aman Portacabins  portable offices are extremely affordable, and are especially great for startups who aren’t looking to shell out a fortune on the office building. We understand your needs and only manufacture buildings which can be easily afforded.

Easy to Install: Our portable offices are easy to install and can be set up within a day. They are also portable and can be carried from place to place without worrying about any downtime in setting them up.


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An innovative enterprise. They don't back down from challenges in a project. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍

Akhil Mittal

Mr. Yogesh, the owner of this business having a good knowledge of the products and he is giving a fast service as compare to other manufacturers.

Akhil Mittal

Good knowledge of product and material. I got complete guidance about my requirement. Final Product was also very much what i had imagined.

Akhil Mittal

Client centric organization, delivered the finest quality portable cabins for our office. Great services and customer support.

Akhil Mittal

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Aman Portacabins Portable offices are manufactured to be extremely durable. They can withstand all the elements without corroding or falling and are even earthquake resistant.

Yes, our offices are manufactured with government regulations in mind and are a great fit for any commercially zoned plot of land. They can be set up with all the safety regulations in place that a traditional brick and concrete office would have.

If you’re looking for an office, try out Aman Portacabins  portable office cabins that bring the best deal offered in the market. We provide durable and customisable offices at the best prices. You can contact our sales team to get more information.